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News and Updates


Celebrate Armajet's worldwide launch by playing 4 person squad matches with friends! Discover all new Pilots, unlock brand new skins and jet trails, and collect exclusive rewards as you progress down the Valor Road together.


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Update 1.8+ (Worldwide) Feature Updates

  • Customize your Pilots even further with all-new and improved Jet Trails now available in the Armory!
  • Jackal Pilot Model facemask FX updated
  • Improved Main Lobby UI Polish and FX
  • Improved Valor Road Clarity
  • Improved Matchmaking Screen FX and Voting Flow
  • Improved Squad Updates & Notifications
  • Improved lighting FX on all 3D Maps
  • Improved in-match leaderboards for clarity
  • Renamed Custom Games to Custom Matches
  • Settings, Social Screen, Friends and Clan UI Improvements
  • Invite friends via SMS link and send them Clan and Game links to play together

Overall Gameplay Improvements

  • Improved matchmaking algorithms for players opting back in to play at end of round
  • Improved matchmaking ping, valor, and level requirements to reduce matchmaking disparity
  • Fuel Frenzy now includes a sudden death, neutral countdown, triggered after 25 cells appear to force a match-ending condition (the team with highest fuel count after the ten second countdown wins!)

Weapon Balancing

  • Drones are now "Personal Drones" (Overall Buff)

AI Overhaul

  • Smarter AI/Bots have dynamic difficulty and adjust to player skill and match conditions
  • Bot Pathing, Strafing, Corner Cutting, Objective Control, Fuel Economy, Dive Mechanics and Aiming improvements
  • Drone pathing and speed improved