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News and Updates

Squad Matchmaking

Welcome to the new... NEW Armajet, Pilot! In our biggest, baddest, beefiest update ever, Update 1.7+ (code name Armajet "3.0") has completely changed the game inside and out. We've worked overtime and listened to every single piece of feedback to deliver the Armajet experience you've been waiting for with a HUGE core focus on squad matchmaking and an overhauled progression system. So go on pilot, squad up with your friends, rank up Valor Road together, and dominate the arena!

SBM Commentary: It's been an adventure getting here and those of you who've been with us from the start have seen the evolution of Armajet through the years. We want it perfect (just like you do) and all of your feedback shines through as you experience 1.7 in and out of a match. In fact, it wouldn't be so far fetched to say that the only part of the game that remained relatively 'unchanged' is the actual fight once the match starts! Everything else outside of the core loop has been upgraded!

Our community is AWESOME, incredibly supportive, and we've realized we needed even MORE social systems to give you the ability to share and tell your friends about Armajet, especially because of the all-new squad features! Copy and Send friend invite links in your Social tab that quickly turn into app downloads for the easiest 'word of mouth' Armajet invite ever. Remember that having more Pilots only ever helps the cause! Oh and... please make room for us on your device (~1GB). With big updates come... big storage needs! Let's go through the release notes already! <3

Major Gameplay and Feature Updates

  • Squads are here! Join and Share Squads with friends!

    • Create 4v4 Squads and (finally) play as a team

    • Invite online friends directly into your squad

    • Copy and Share your Squad Invite to other Armajet players for instant squad joining (no friend requests required... perfect for stream/viewer games!)

    • Most recent squad of pilots preserved for 4 hours

    • Dynamic status display of Pilots in your squad

SBM: Remember you don't need to be the squad leader to suggest/invite people into a squad if there's a free slot. Help your buddies out! Share squad links and codes on Discord, too, and pay attention to the status indicators to know when to 'Ready' up. Chat is coming back in a super cool way, don't worry!

  • Matchmaking completely revamped with Squad Play

    • Valor, Level, and Latency 'simple' Matchmaking (we can only make this system smarter as more and more Pilots enter the fight)

    • Keep on playing with 'Play Again' at End of Round (EOR) Screen

    • Invite your friends to Armajet and try adding Pilots from prior games for higher quality matches

  • Overhauled asset loading sequences (no longer interrupt match joining or matches in progress)

  • Name changing is now available for all Pilots and Clans

  • Main UI Lobby overhauled and optimized for squads

  • New Armory Layout

  • Armory Zoom Detail and Stats Layout on Weapons

  • Discover New Pilots

    • Introducing Rogue, Jackal, Umeko and Ramirez

SBM: We know your pal 1337 is missing. We expect glorious Reddit petitions and movie reference memes to convince him to come back from his much needed gigavacation!

  • New Pilot Skins

    • Common, rare, epic skin rarities for all Pilots

    • New Legendary skins for Ana and Kruger

  • Simplified Custom Games

    • Custom Games now only joined via room code or Friends List

  • Social, Clans, and Friends Tab

    • Get social with Friend Search, Share and Dynamic Lists

    • New 'Suggested Friends' (advanced sorting coming soon) and Invite Inbox

    • Share Clan Invites through Pilot profiles

  • New Clan Features

    • Clans now cost 5000G to create and do not have a Pilot level lock

    • Join and contribute to your overall Clan Valor for every match victory

    • Clans are now sorted by total Valor contributions in Clan Leaderboards

  • Matchmaking Loop Updates

    • Enhanced Match Loading Screen with Armajet Logo and Game Tips

    • Map Voting Screen

    • Disconnect/Reconnect Feature (graceful bot replacement to graceful reconnect on multi-devices, same account)

    • Some bot improvements (more will come in 1.8)

    • Users are now unable to join a match in progress and will only be able to Spectate an active public match through Friends lists

    • Users are now gracefully replaced by A.I. after 10 seconds if the game connection is interrupted or instantly if a user idle disconnects from an ongoing match

    • Users are able to reconnect gracefully into disconnected, ongoing matches and are unable to begin a new match until previous match has ended (thus also eliminating any valor exploits)

SBM: We're also super proud of implementing 'graceful' disconnects/reconnects on live gameplay. If you ever need to switch devices (charge your battery before a match... it's 3 minutes...) you won't just leave your friends in the dust! AI takes you over and holds your spot until you get back and the moment you do, you take over its position!

New Progression System: Introducing the Valor Road, Shards, Leagues and End of Round Rewards!

  • Battle for Valor to unlock rewards and Leagues

  • Introducing new League Tiers: Rust, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Crypto, Galactic, and finally, Grandmaster — more information coming soon!

  • Preview your next unlockable and claim new League Tiers

  • Valor Win/Loss

    • Gaining and losing valor has been rebalanced with your Valor Ranking

  • Seasons reset every 2 Weeks with Paragon rewards starting at Gold I League Tier (4000 Valor) **TBD**

  • Introducing EOR Shard Rewards: Play Shards, Shard Packs, and Shard Doublers!

    • Win Shards to unlock Shard Packs as long as Play Shards are available to use

    • Gain +20 Shard Rewards for every Match Win, +10 for every Match Loss

    • Gain bonus Shards (even when at 0/200) for leveling up your Pilot and Weapons through matches

    • Bounties are worth 5 Shards, only appear once your Play Shards (0/200) are exhausted, and are rewarded regardless of match outcome

SBM: Progression in 1.7 is SUBSTANTIALLY different from 1.6 (or any other prior version of Armajet, ever) and should feel way more fair, rewarding, and less grindy, especially as we pump the game with future content. Everything leads back to your (new) progression on Valor Road which we'll be refining once we finalize plans for seasons (season length, rewards, and league ranks are still TBD). We consider this progression overhaul a MAJOR milestone at Super Bit Machine so we'd love to know what you think and what we can do to make it even better! Everything from Shards to End of Round rewards, and Packs should feel very rewarding regardless if you win or lose or are a competitive pro or one of our content creators!

New Super Dynamic Store

  • Dynamic Store V3 closely updates with your Pilot progress

  • Collect 50 Free Shard Doublers Daily

  • Valor and Gold Economy Updated

  • 'Buy it Now' section refreshes every 24hrs and can contain direct unlockables

  • Introducing Micro, Buster, and Megaton Packs purchased with Gold, Paragon or earned through Valor Road

SBM: Now an even MORE dynamic store awaits! Make sure you log in every day to claim your free shard doublers (which get you shard packs even faster through battles). We've also adjusted Armajet economy and created new packs with very clear 'guarantees' of what you'll receive. If you've supported us throughout our development journey in early access, we'd love to hear from you so don't be afraid to reach out! Email us: contact@superbitmachine.com.

Audio and Visual Upgrades

  • 3D Maps - All maps have been converted to full 3D, revamped textures, new/cleaner geo for reduced edge-catching and pixel-walking

  • Introducing Snow Base 3.0 with a new 'inner base' layout optimized for TDM and Fuel Frenzy

  • New EOR screen rack-up animations including Pilot and Weapon Level-Ups and Shard Rewards

  • New Ultimate and Bounty voice overs

  • New Sound FX for UI, Loading Screen, Currency, End of Round, Packs, and more

  • Enhanced Blood+Gore FX (more uniform gibs and blood ragdoll physics)

  • Improved jetpack death animation effects

  • Revamped High-Res (HR) and Lo-Res (LR) Weapons in Menus and In-Game

  • Revamped In-Game LR Pilots

  • Micro, Buster, and Megaton Pack Audio and Visuals

SBM: Everything is shinier! Take your time to explore all-new 3D maps with some of your old favorites, like Snow Base, now terraformed for better overall gameplay. All weapons and pilots in and out of game have been revamped so enjoy enhanced visuals, especially as you unlock better rarities. Lastly, everything about the UI and match loading sequences have been given an update for Squads and many of the lag and loading issues pre-match that affected Android devices should be problem-free*.
Note: Armajet will always aim to be a high-fidelity experience - lower-end mobile and PC devices that JUST make the cut may still need a little more TLC.

Weapon Balancing

  • EMP Grenade (BIG+)

    • Destroys all Drones, Sentries, and Shield Types

  • Thunderstorm and Thunder Drone (-)

    • (range nerf, 1m)

  • Havoc (-)

    • Range reduced by 10%

  • All Shotguns (+)

    • Shot delay reduced most noticeably on Dominion and Lycan for increased responsiveness (more accurately matching projectile visual)

  • Venom (-)

    • Venom direct impact force pushes half as much (was pushing as much as a badger)

    • Venom goo babies spawn 2 additional goo babies (down from 3)

    • Venom goo baby life is now 1.5s (down from 3s)

    • Venom goo baby speed when spawned reduced by 20%

    • Venom goo baby reload time increased by 75%

  • Maurader (-)

    • Reload cooldown increased to 19s (from 16s)

SBM: EMP has received a MUCH needed BIG BUFF given the popularity of Sentry and Drone Ultimates. It may be wise to unlock and equip an EMP in one of three of your loadouts OR have a Pilot on your squad to be the EMP Master. Have fun knocking out jets! The big perpetrators of 1.6 have been toned down, including: Thunderstorm/Thunder Drone, Havoc, Venom, Marauder and (by proxy of WAY nicer Netcode) Shotguns!


  • Overall improvements on weapon responsiveness and hit-registration (will be an ongoing effort to improve this)

  • Overall improvements to cross-regional play

  • Various rubber banding fixes (affects continuous Boost / Boost+Jump Pad movements)

General Updates

  • Pilot 1337 decided for itself to take a vacation

  • Reverted Ember Weapon Skin

  • Friends are capped to 300

  • No more Friends Lists available in matches

  • Removed weapon crafting system

  • Rate us on your App Store and give us feedback to improve Armajet!

Community relevant Known Issues

  • LIVE Updating List!

Also... did someone ask for a Space Cowboy? ;) See you in the skies, Pilots!